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NY Rangers A big third period at MSG sparked them to a win over Florida Panthers. The big win is expected to be the first step for Rangers to right the ship after some inconsistent and disjointed hockey of late. It was necessary, of course, to blow away an inferior opponent. New top line of Artemi Panarin, Chris KreiderAnd Mika Zibanejad took advantage of third-stringer Alex Lyon in net, destroying him for three goals, including one on the powerplay.

Three of the four Rangers lines, all new(ish) lines got in on the scoring action, with Alexis Lafreniere and the Kidd line reuniting and giving the Rangers a three-goal cushion in the third period just seconds before Zibanejad’s second of the game. Its third line Jimmy VeseyVincent Trochek, and Barclay Goodrow crashed the net and got themselves a fat goal.

The score sheet shows that Rangers have been horribly outshot in the first two terms, but this is somewhat misleading. Rangers were creating the first chances, but couldn’t seem to capitalize. The back half of the second period and the third were much better, and the way the Rangers blew it showed.

And how about that Igor Shesterkin, Quietly sports a .924 SV% From 1 December. Almost scored.

Rangers 1, Panthers 0

Florida didn’t have much of a defensive breakdown here, and the only real fault was turnovers going into the offensive zone. Their numbers were back, just beat by a very good line, pass the game, and move on Adam Fox.

Panthers 1, Rangers 1

There’s a lot going on with this Florida goal that can’t be easily dismissed from the Rangers’ penalty kill. First of all, it was a poorly timed switch by the Rangers, which is funny because they suffered many men’s penalty kills. Then Jimmy floated away Jacob TruebaIts man instead of the lane going into the slot.

Rangers 2, Panthers 1

Powerplay answered the call for Rangers, with Mika Zibanejad finally getting one from his usual spot. The key play is Vincent Trocheck dropping back to the high slot, drawing attention and opening the slot line pass from Panarin over to Zibanejad. The role of the bumper is to create lanes, and Trochek did just that.

Rangers 3, Panthers 1

Chaos up front created goals, and the Rangers’ newly minted third line crashed the net after a faceoff, and used the chaos to lay one up. A fat round.

Rangers 4, Panthers 1

What a transfer from the Kidd line, putting on consistent pressure, ending up with chaos in front and getting off Alexis Lafreniere schneid. Chaos ahead and hard work pays off.

Rangers 5, Panthers 1

Sometimes you just take a step back and marvel at what Rangers can do when they’re on. Just watch for another screen in front of Chris Kreider and ensure that Zibanejad has been around to score all day.

Rangers 5, Panthers 2

There’s definitely some bad luck here with Igor Shesterkin, but that’s two too many Ranger puck careers and not marking their man on the crowd. Alexander Berkov should not have left the back door so open.

Rangers 6, Panthers 2

Philip Chytil Empty netter, a minute or so later Igor Shesterkin just missed one.


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