Nick Khan Addresses Vince McMahon’s WWE Return – Wrestling Inc.

The former WWE CEO didn’t leave the company without controversy, however Vince faces various charges Including paying hush money to four separate women over the past 16 years, which was the first to discover The Wall Street Journal. Despite Vince only being WWE-free for about six months, Khan defended how he handled his departure, crediting Vince for leaving during that time and leaving the company in the hands of him, Stephanie and Triple H. The current WWE CEO noted how WWE fans “love” when someone leaves the company for a while and then comes back, noting that Vince is back to take control of “his company as the controlling shareholder.” Although Vince has only been back for a week, Khan believes what he has said publicly about not involving himself with the company but only returning to be involved in strategic options for the company’s sales and media rights deals. He also said that so far, Vince is only involved in that and “other board issues.”

Khan also said that McMahon had “zero” impact on WWE during his time away but revealed that he “made it a point like everyone else” to see the former chairman once a month while he was away.

“I think these things are important, in my opinion it’s no different, when we have other mutual friends who have gone through difficult times professionally,” Khan said. “That’s when they need to hear the most from people that hey you haven’t forgotten about them and you appreciate them and all that stuff. There was never a ‘do it this way’ or ‘do it that way’ moment. It never happened. “

In closing, the WWE CEO stated why he wasn’t shocked Vince returned to the company, just that “it’s Vince.”

“Anyone who believed it was permanent, they don’t know him,” Khan said. “It’s never going to happen but I’m grateful for the fact that he’s given it five, six months, let the dust settle a bit and then he’s coming back the way he’s been.”

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