NHL Rumors: Vladislav Gavrikov and what teams may be interested

Sportsnet: Elliotte Friedman and Jeff Marek on 32 Thoughts: The Podcast – Goodbye, Gabby on the Columbus Blue Jackets pending UFA defenseman Vladislav Gavrikov.

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Marek: “Vladislav Gavrikov and his $2.8 million contract are an easy addition to any team in need of a defenseman. I think Columbus’s choice is to keep Gavrikov. I think they probably approached him to see if they could offer him something that would allow him to stay. Don’t think it’s going to happen.

There are several teams, and we definitely think about Edmonton, right out of the gate. But as we talked about Saturday, it sounds like Columbus is probably looking for something like a David Savard deal if they can get it. That’s a first and a third.

And we can look at that and say, wow it’s a lot, but we said that’s a lot for David Savard. We said a lot about Ben Cherot. But that’s just the price you pay at the trade deadline for defensemen.”

Friedman: “Yeah, they are. I think it’s smart for Columbus to let teams talk to him here to see if they can sign him. Someone was telling me about the defense market this offseason, at least from unrestricted free agency, that it’s not very deep. “

Marek: “Matt Dumba.”

Friedman: “There’s Dumba. There’s (Damon) Severson. The player we are talking about, Gavrikov. But it’s not deep so it makes sense for Columbus to allow teams to do it.

I’ve had some Leafs fans send me notes saying, are you sure we’re with Gavrikov. Like I think Toronto has called every possible defenseman this year. We’ve talked about every potential defenseman we’ve talked about in Ottawa. We all know that.

Edmonton called up almost every possible defenseman. We all kind of know that. Although it has slowed down because they are doing well.

I think the Leafs called almost every defenseman. I don’t necessarily think that means they know what they’re going to do or who it’s going to be, but they made their call. And I still think they are going to make a move too. I think they will try to do both.

But Gavrikov is a good player and I think it’s a smart move by Columbus, well, if it improves our stock or our returns, of course, we’ll let people talk to him.”

Marek: “You know what other defensemen are available this offseason?

Friedman: “Which one?”

Marek: “All from Washington, except John Carlson. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if Erik Gustafsson, I don’t know how soon, but I would imagine Washington would want to rejoin Gustafsson.”

** NHLRumors.com transcription

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