NHL Rumors: Senators scouting Kings-Stars and one defenseman Maple Leafs interested in

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The Senators were scouting the Kings and Stars

Dennis Bernstein: Joining Dallas Stars GM took the gym and Los Angeles Kings GM Rob Blake Ottawa Senators GM Pierre Dorion was between the two teams at Thursday’s game in LA.

Bruce Garriock: The LA Kings have a lot of right-handed defensemen.

Senators GM Pierre Dorion is looking for a defenseman and is doing his due diligence. He watched Vancouver-Florida last Saturday as they were wrapping up their scouting meetings

A defenseman from the Toronto Maple Leafs has shown interest in…

The Leafs Nation: The Toronto Maple Leafs have Nick Alberg and Frank Serravalli and a defenseman interested in them.

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Seravalli: “The (Chicago) Blackhawks got a lot of calls for it. He has a seven-team no-trade list. Other teams called include the Edmonton and Los Angeles Kings.

Here’s the thing about McCabe, his no-trade list of seven teams, you say why seven teams? This includes seven Canadian teams for possibly American-born defensemen.

But I’m told the Maple Leafs are one team that isn’t part of that list. That’s six other teams from Canada.

So interestingly enough, I think they had some interest in him going back a way. Here’s where it gets, this is what I outlined in the piece, Nick. Here’s where it gets really interesting from a Toronto perspective.

What if you could entice the Chicago Blackhawks, who have plenty of cap space, to keep half of Jake McCabe and get him $2 million a year for each of the next two years?

He’s probably playing at the $4 million level right now. Yes there is risk and history of injury. There’s risk with any player but at $2 million a year, which guarantees you some serious spending at a time when the Leafs really need it in their backend.

Frank Seravalli of the Daily Faceoff: Left-handed Chicago Blackhawks defenseman Zach McCabe has moved up to No. 7 on the trade target list. The 29-year-old defenseman has been called by many teams.

Teams are also talking about defensemen Conor Murphy They should bring both reasonable salary cap hits and cost certainty.

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