NHL Rumors: Canucks talked to Horvat’s camp and who might be interested

Donny and Dhali: Rick Dhaliwal on Bo Harbhat and two potential trade destinations.

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“This is a big week for Bo Horvat and I can tell you why. I believe the Canucks are still looking for ways to keep Horvat as tight as possible. Maybe let him spend some time with (Rick) Tocchet, see if that changes.

They could not sign Horvat and (Andrei) Kuzmenko. Only one of them. And no offer has been made to Kuzmenko at the moment. Could they send a final offer Horvat’s way? The two sides spoke over the weekend.”

His agent Pat Morris is in town tomorrow. Connor Bedard of his firm handle. The hearing was not held until yesterday.

Donnie Taylor: “His firm handle.(??)”

Dhaliwal: “His firm. agency. Same thing. his firm. His company is managed by Connor Bedard.

As, the hearing was set up with a meeting with (Pat) Morris. He is not allowed to talk to parties. I fully believe the Canucks won’t let him. They feel, I believe they feel that when you allow the agent, they let go of the situation and lose the narrative.

But anyway, a lot of Boston, Detroit. keep an eye Brandon Carlo. It’s a defender of Boston.”

NHL Rumors: Which Three Teams Could Be Interested in Bo Horvath?

Taylor: “Are you staying, that he’s coming to Vancouver for a while?”

Dhaliwal: “No, I am not saying that at all. You got me in trouble last week. Maintain it. I think that’s one guy if I were the Canucks and Boston calling. Right shot D, 25 years old. That’s who I would ask for. Brandon Carlo.”

Taylor: “So you know something.”

Dhaliwal: “I don’t know anything. That’s my feeling. Stop doing it. You do it, got me in trouble with Mike Babcock last week. Although I feel there was something, I’m just working, I believe there was something, but no confirmation.

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