Natalya reflects on her father’s funeral as a part of Total Divas

During a recent appearance on The Bellas podcast, Natalya talked about being a part of her father’s funeral Total Divas. He also recalled how unhappy WWE was with the decision.

Jim Neidhart died in 2018 from complications related to Alzheimer’s. Because Natalia was under treatment. Total Divas The cast, the show was filmed for the show. This did not sit well with the WWE hype. Natalia recalled (via Wrestling Inc):

“Towards the end of WWE, they tried to sugarcoat a lot of things. I really wanted to be able to share what was going on with her [Neidhart], with his condition, you know, he has Alzheimer’s and stuff. I really wanted to talk about it more because Alzheimer’s is one of the five leading causes of death in the world. I remember the WWE people saying, ‘No, we don’t want anyone at your father’s funeral. We don’t want to film it.’

Natalia was the only cast member to appear in all nine seasons of the show from 2013 to 2019. Jim Neidhart’s funeral aired in the season 8 finale in November 2018.

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