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hurt business One of the most popular wrestling teams in recent history with the group of MVP, Bobby Lashley, Shelton Benjamin, and Cedric Alexander dominating the WWE landscape during their time together.

It’s always hard to pinpoint the exact reason why a group catches the eye of fans, but when it comes to The Heart Business, MVP understands what makes the group work. “You know why The Heart Business worked? Because it was organic. Me, Bobby and Shelton have really been friends for over 15 years,” MVP said. Twitter. “A brotherhood across years, companies and countries. Ced and Shelton had a Shelty relationship. We adopted Ced. The relationship was not imaginary.”

Of course, Lashley, Benjamin, and MVP spent time together on the WWE roster during their original run with the company. WWE has recently been heavily teasing the idea that the team could be reunited as MVP is working with Benjamin and Alexander, and he has openly extended an offer to Lashley – who held the WWE Championship the last time he was associated with the group. . Although he has yet to officially accept the offer, “All Mighty” received help from MVP and his other client, Omos, for a shot at the WWE United States Championship during his recent match.

Lashley will get it on “Raw Is XXX”. When he goes head-to-head with Austin Theory for the title this coming Monday, it remains to be seen if he’ll get more help from his former friends.

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