More shark bites from Timo Meyer to the deep

More shark bites about Timo Meyer

Shayna Goldman of Athletics: chatter about Timo Mayer Having gone somewhere has already reached a fever. However, it only seems to be intensifying. Although it becomes abundantly clear, he is being removed. One has to ask, how soon?

He is far from the only target when it comes to San Jose. The Sharks also have other players in the market. However, where can Meier wind? Fans and experts alike wax poetic about the potential destination. Several make sense and a couple make a lot of sense.

Meier consistently brings shot and opportunity metrics to the table at a high level. He caused havoc as a power forward. Groups like that. He has multiple runs due to his contract, but also has a qualifying offer that could total $10 million.

San Jose hopes they don’t struggle for a good while, and their cap situation points to a potential move that could come sooner rather than later. Some teams in the mix include the New Jersey Devils, New York Rangers, and New York Islanders. Of the three tri-state groups, New Jersey has the most resources for contract work.

Seattle and Buffalo feature assets to make a deal more obvious for the Sharks. Winnipeg is a team that needs Meyer, like New Jersey, but their cupboard could be an issue. It’s safe to say Shark Winger will be a crown jewel piece in this timeframe.

Some other San Jose shark bites like Reimer and Bonino

David Pagnotta of the fourth period: Now, the San Jose Sharks also make phone calls to some of their depth players. Scott Harrington, Matt took it, James ReimerAnd Nick Bonino May have different address on or before March 3rd.

Now, Bonino and Reimer arguably carry the most value as far as trade deadline pieces go. Both have five-team no-trade lists. Again, good rental pieces with low cap hits are hard to find.

These are just the first steps in what could be a lasting rebuild in San Jose. What can Mike Greer get for players like Reimer and Bonino? We are going to find out.

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