Miz says Stephanie McMahon ‘did a lot for the company’ after leaving WWE

Stephanie McMahon was part of WWE Over the years and has always been a constant source of inspiration for fans and pro wrestlers alike. Thanks to his storyline after being a highlight during the Attitude Era, McMahon also managed many backstage roles in WWE. McMahon stepped down from his role as co-CEO last week, shocking fans around the world. Now it seems Miz has made it clear that he believes Stephanie McMahon has done a lot for WWE since her departure.

Vince McMahon returns to WWE as Executive Chairman The resulting resignation of the board of directors, and co-CEO Stephanie McMahon, shocked the pro wrestling world to its core.

In fact, several fans began to believe that Stephanie McMahon’s departure might have had something to do with it. Potential sale of the company to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. That being said, there is no truth to this belief.

time to talk TMZ Sports, Miz was asked about Stephanie McMahon’s departure from WWE. Mize said he will always be grateful for his leadership and the influence he had on his career.

“For me, he’s always someone you can talk to. He has done a lot for the company, and he is a really good person.

The Miz then revealed that Stephanie McMahon, who was then serving as head of creative, greenlit an idea from John Morrison, which was a “dirt sheet” video series. This move eventually led to the creation of WWE’s YouTube channel.

So was Ric Flair Stephanie is disappointed with McMahon’s exit. Also leaving his WWE Raise the flag within the company. He was thought too Pro Wrestling was ill before his resignation. We’ll have to see what Stephanie McMahon does next.

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January 22, 2023 10:44 am

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