Mercedes Monae plans to take the IWGP women’s title “everywhere.”

Mercedes Monae is set to take on KAIRI in an IWGP Women’s Championship match NJPW18 February Battle of the Valley.

the former Sasha Banks He made his NJPW debut at Wrestle Kingdom 17 by attacking a former teammate WWE the star

This upcoming match will be Mon’s first since May 15, 2022, and his first outside of WWE in over a decade.

NJPW released a video of Mone talking about the match, giving insight into his mindset leading up to the match. He also talked about how he plans to become a global superstar.

Mercedes Mon statement

Mone is very confident about his upcoming title match. She wants to send KAIRI back to Japan and take the IWGP Women’s Championship.. well, everywhere.

“I’ve never been more excited, more nervous, which I’m never nervous about, but I’m so ready for it. I dreamed about this. I really want it and have it in San Jose California USA. I have a lot of history there. I had the best matches there. February 18 will be the same.”

“I’m going to make sure this is the best women’s match ever. When I hold my championship, oh cute little Kairi, I’ll send her back to Japan, and she can go back to stardom, and I can be the worldwide superstar that I want to be. I’m going to take this title everywhere, not just New Japan, everywhere.”

You can check out Mercedes Mone’s comments about her upcoming match against KAIRI here:

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