Mercedes Makes Bold Predictions About Match Against Mone Kyrie – Wrestling Inc.

The Mercedes Mone is currently preparing Face off against KAIRI in a sold-out battle in the Valley February 18 in San Jose and as she established herself in NJPW, she believes the match could go down in history as “the greatest women’s match of all time”. While offering such high expectations for them to face, Mone explained in a new interview NJPW’s YouTube channel that he has never been “more excited, more nervous” for a match in his career, despite his already illustrious career.

Hyping his first match in NJPW and it happening in San Jose, Mone announced that those watching should prepare to witness greatness. “I’ve had my best matches there, so February 18 is going to be the same,” Mone said. “I’m going to make sure this is the greatest women’s match of all time and when I hold my women’s championship – oh, beautiful little Kairi – I’m going to send her back to Japan and she can return to stardom and I can be the global superstar that I want to be.”

It seems consistent with that Previously announced plans for a “world domination” tourAs he added, “I’m going to take this title everywhere, not just New Japan, everywhere.”

Mone sent shock waves through the wrestling world when he showed up — as expected — at Wrestling State 17Crashed KAIRI’s post-match celebrations after their first successful defense of the IWGP Women’s Championship and setting the stage for their battle in California next month.

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