Matt Hardy reflects on the first match with the Briscoes

The wrestling world is still reeling Sudden death of Jay Briscoe. Many have taken to social media to express their feelings and memories. AEW paid tribute to Briscoe Dynamite And a special has been filmed that will air on Honor Club and ROHof YouTube

In its latest episode Matt Hardy’s Extreme Life, Matt Hardy And John Alba performed a tribute to Jay Briscoe. Hardy reflected on Briscoe as a man, friend and rival. He shared many stories, including the first time the Hardy Boys faced The Briscoes.

Matt Hardy and Jay Briscoe come close to brawling

Hardy first met the Briscoes in 2005 when he was wrestling for ROH. He got to know them more in 2011 when he was wrestling for both ROH and TNA. He was talking about how he was an ass-kicker in the ring, but very soft-spoken and humble outside.

At the time, Hardy was also working on Omega. Shane “Hurricane” Helms was putting together the shows. Hardy talked ROH into getting Briscoe for an Omega show. Jeff Hardy Was on Impact at the time and didn’t really take the Indy date, but he wanted a match with the Briscoes.

“They came down from Delaware to North Carolina for the show, didn’t they? We were able to get them a pretty good payday. I knew them both from Ring of Honor and had been working with them for a few years at the time. I’ll never forget when they Got there, I took them to Pick ‘n Pig, a barbecue place. (…) I’ll never forget, I said, ‘You’re going to love this place, especially if you’re a barbecue fan.’

“We went and had a great meal. I almost had to fight with J because I wanted to pay for their lunch and dinner. However, he wanted to pay for it very badly. He was like, ‘Nah, man. I’m down here. We are working with your boys and you are taking good care of us.’ I said to him, ‘You have taken it down. This is mine and Jeff’s high school that we went to. It is important to us. We wanted to do this match with you for a long time. Thank you.'”

Hardy had to covertly pay the bills.

The Hardy Boyz vs. The Briscoes for the first time

Mark and Jay Briscoe

For matches, Briscoes Hill. Jeff is hit on the outside and Matt is taking all the heat. As Jeff leaves ringside, Willow the Wisp shows up to the Briscoes with an umbrella. Willow disappears and Jeff returns.

“We were feuding in ROH and building a feud. We were in Union Pines and it swapped. I was now in baby face and he was in heels. So, we still had that. It was really firmly established that we didn’t like each other. We wanted to do this by changing the role of the match. They did their job well.”

“It was Jeff’s first time meeting them and spending time with them. I remember he had the idea to do the Willow thing because we did it a little bit and he did it a few times in TNA. He was like, ‘Man, I know you’re very serious whenever you wrestle. Very candid. Would you mind if we did it where I got hurt and came back as Willow?’ And I remember them saying, ‘Hell yeah!’ Great. Let’s do it! Whatever you want to do, we’re down.’ And Jeff said, ‘Are you okay if I hit you with an umbrella?’ Jay said, ‘Beat the shit out of me, man! It’s just an umbrella. Get the fuck out of me, man.’ He said, ‘Nail me.’ He was so great. Just a great attitude.”

Hardy revealed at the end of the episode that they were supposed to face the Briscoes AEW or ROH. They were contacted by an indie campaign about the match. Hardy went Tony Khan To ask if they can or if he would rather they not. Khan said he’d rather not take an indie date, but they discussed doing it at some point in AEW or ROH. Hardy laments that it will never happen now, but is happy to wrestle another time.

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