Matt Hardy pays tribute, praises Jay Briscoe

Talking about its latest episode Matt Hardy’s Extreme Life, Hardy praised the late Jay Briscoe’s realism in the promo. He also talked about the Briscoes’ influence on tag team wrestling. You can read highlights of Hardy’s comments below:

Regarding the reality of J’s promotion: “I mean, they were right – they were very real. I mean, when you hear these guys talk, I don’t think it came off like a wrestling promotion. It came off like two guys who wanted to whip your ass. Which I think sells tickets. I think they were just so believable, so believable. Especially J. You know, when he gets in there and he starts spitting, you know, and doing his promos… and He’s going to be locked up, and his eyes and cameras are going to be off? So good, man. That’s who he is — just the best badass alive, that’s how Jay Briscoe came to me as a character. And his promotions were just about the money. When you get someone Listen, it looks like this guy is going to legitimately try and tear this guy apart if he gets in the ring. I mean, he was so believable, so believable when he spoke.

The Briscoes Influence on Tag Team Wrestling: “I mean, they pioneered a tag team division, you know? While the style was constantly changing, these guys – they could go out and they could wrestle scientifically great. If you want to go out and wrestle scientifically, they can. They can wrestle all the basics, they can high-fly, they can do hardcore [wrestling]. I mean, they were very good at everything and they were great at everything. If they were single, they were great in that role. I mean, every time they matched against each other they beat each other, you know? They had great matches when they went one on one with each other.

“But I think that their legacy is almost like the foundation of the Ring of Honor tag team division, I don’t think it’s too big to make a statement that they were. They were the foundation of Ring of Honor’s tag team division. They were champs multiple times, I think they’re more associated with Ring of Honor than anyone else. When you think of the Briscoes, I think you immediately think of Ring of Honor. You think about all the great things, all the great matches they had. And I think these guys were trailblazers for tag teams in the 2010s.”

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