Matt Cardona has filed a trademark on the former WWE name “Zack Ryder”.

Free agent Matt Cardona His former trademark was filed WWE ring name

Cardona is apparently still weighing his options as he remains a free agent. Rumors have swirled that WWE may be interested in signing him for a comeback. His last run with the company was from 2007 to 2020.

There are former WWE talents expressed optimism About working with WWE again. his wife Chelsea Green, has reportedly signed with the company And waiting for his chance. Although Cardona remains a free agent, PWinsider Mike Johnson reported that he has decided to trademark his former WWE name, “Zack Ryder”.

“Matt Cardona filed a trademark filing under the name “Zack Ryder”, which, of course, was his WWE persona for many years on 1/14. The trademark filings were for: Bandanas; Hats; Shirts; Socks; Shirts, and Short Sleeve Shirts ; sweatshirts; hooded sweatshirts,” the report said.

He responded on Twitter to the PWInsider report fueling speculation that he might return to WWE.

More on Matt Cardona trademarking Jack Ryder

Cardona’s decision to trademark “Jack Ryder” is an interesting choice. As a free agent, he can use the name for merchandise ideas that longtime WWE fans will remember him from. If WWE were to sign Cardona and rebrand him as “Jack Ryder”, he could make more money from his trademarked merchandise.

The free agent has shown no clear signs that he has signed with the company. Struggling election Shared on Jan 9 He is not signed. However, the report states, “…WWE sources have indicated to us that Cardona is not signed, but we shouldn’t rule anything out for the future.”

If Cardona has plans to return to WWE, it doesn’t look like it will be anytime soon. Promoted by Game Changer Wrestling That Cardona will compete in their event Eye for an Eye on March 17. Cardona is also working N.W.A And Impact Wrestling Time to work as a free agent.

WWE fans hoping for Cardona’s return will have to wait and see what he does next. However, trademarking “Jack Ryder” could be an exciting development.

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