Maple Leafs line combination for stars tonight: SDA and Timmins

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There are two new things for tonight’s Toronto Maple Leafs game against the Dallas Stars. Two new players will start in the team. The first is freshman defenseman Connor Timmins. Timmins has had several NHL starts, not just with the Maple Leafs. For another newcomer, Semyon Der-Arguchintsev, this will be his first NHL start anywhere.

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Conor Timmins starts in place of Mack Hollowell

Timmins has been practicing with the Maple Leafs since his trade to the team. Since Timmins has been with the team for about two weeks, he has had a chance to get used to the team culture. He’s been getting ready for tonight’s game a little longer than SDA.

Connor Timmins, Maple Leafs

When Timmins was traded from the Arizona Coyotes to the Maple Leafs, it seemed at first as if the Maple Leafs would jump right into the team’s defense. But, Big Mac Attack (Hollow) put together some good games and stayed in the lineup.

This gave Timmins a chance to get his feet wet with the team. Hollowell’s game against the Tampa Bay Lightning was probably the poorest of the six he played. As Maple Leafs head coach Sheldon Keefe noted, Timmins’ playing time was right.

I know I’m looking forward to seeing 24-year-old Timmins make his first start with the Blue and White.

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Brody Returns: Time to see Timmins

Head Coach Keefe’s “right timing” part probably caused Hollowell to stumble a bit. However, the part was the impending return of TJ Brody. I’m sure the coaching staff wanted to see what Timmons brought first. And, Brody’s absence allows this to happen.

Additionally, the rookie defenseman has something going for him. He is right handed. And that’s rare on this Maple Leafs team.

Semyon Der-Arguchintsev (SDA) makes his NHL debut

22-year-old Semyon Der-Arguchintsev (SDA) will make his first NHL start tonight. It was something he says, “I’ve been waiting for all my life. Just an incredible feeling. I can’t express how happy I am.”

Like all young hockey players with dreams, SDA admitted “that was my goal – to be called up this year.” He got it.

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SDA wants to be like Mitch Marner

What to know about Der-Arguchintsev? SDA is a small very skilled player who started out as a natural playmaker. However, over the years, he has built his strength, grown physically and learned how to play good defensive hockey. Although SDA didn’t say it, he wants to be like Mitch Marner when he grows up. That is his inspiration.

SDA noted that Marner is “such a good player. He’s not big, but he plays big. He’s strong on the puck. He wins puck battles. He plays hard. I really like that.”

The other thing Marner did was to expect SDA. Der-Arguchinsev noted that Marner “gives you more hope that, (even) if you’re not the biggest guy, you have a chance to make it. You have to understand that you have to work hard. I’ve talked to a few people about him, and they all say he worked hard to get there. I have to do the same.”

Dar-Arguchintsev is a tough skater who had to break the habit of thinking “pass first”. He also had to be a shooter. He’s learning, and has now scored 19 goals and added 35 assists in 77 AHL games.

Maple Leafs line combinations and defensive pairings

The following are the Maple Leafs’ lines based on Tuesday’s practice in Dallas.

Line Combinations

First Row: Michael Bunting – Auston Matthews – William Nylander
Second Line: Nick Robertson-John Tavares-Mitch Marner
Third row: Alex Kerfoot – David Kampf – Pierre Engvall
Fourth row: Jack Aston-Rees – Pontus Holmberg – Semyon Der-Arguchinsev

Nick Robertson, Maple Leafs

protective pair

First Pair: Mark Giordano – Justin Hall
Second pair: Rasmus Sandin – Timothy Liljegren
Third Pair: Victor Mate – Conor Timmins

Starting goal

Matt Murray
Ilya Samsonov (Backup)

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The post Maple Leafs line combination for stars tonight: SDA and Timmins appeared first NHL Trade Talk.

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