Many WWE legends question The New Day – Wrestling Inc. for this reason.

The New Day basically did everything there was to do in WWE. from Kofi Kingston’s and Big E’s WWE Championship by winning Xavier Woods wins King of the Ring, and of course their 12 separate reigns as tag team champions, they’ve proven themselves time and time again in the industry. And yet, some mindsets still prove difficult to shake. There are many stories of wrestlers going out after a show and strengthening their bond with some ice-cold drinks, especially when it comes to old times. The new day usually goes differently and, according to Kingston, it raises an eyebrow or two.

“We’re not really big drinkers by any means. We’re more gamers,” Kingston said. “Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg.” When it comes to post-show traditions, he and Woods make it a point to visit any “barcade” in the area if they’re able to leave “WWE SmackDown” instead of settling in to play Street Fighter into the evening.

Then after pointing out Rosenberg’s frustrated reaction with a laugh, Kingston points out that he’s not alone in this. “A lot of legends will come back and be like ‘Are you guys just playing video games? Nobody’s going out? Nobody’s going to the bar?'” The boys would rather enjoy a little gaming at the barracks, and the goal is to “be in bed before midnight.”

If you use any quotes from this article, please credit “Cheap Heat” with ah/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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