Logan Paul was in talks with WWE for WrestleMania plans

Logan Paul attracted a lot of attention when he bridged the gap between YouTuber-turned-boxer and WWE. He only completed twice, but both of those matches wowed fans and critics alike. As the road to WrestleMania begins soon, Logan Paul’s name has been churning heavily in rumor mills.

Logan Paul’s last match was at WWE Crown Jewel In November 2022. He is said to have sustained The injury and his MCL and meniscus have been rehabbed. Fortunately, Logan Paul did not suffer an ACL injury in that Undisputed Universal Title match against Roman Reigns.

Ringside News Contact a permanent member of the WWE creative team to verify some stories about Logan Paul. We were told that Paul was a part of the WrestleMania ideas, but no spoilers were confirmed. What we’ve been able to confirm is that neither description of Logan Paul’s WrestleMania match is accurate at this point.

“There have been discussions. Since no one owns the rights to it, there are no spoilers.”

Ringside News has confirmed exclusively That Triple H has plans for WrestleMania. If Logan Paul is a part of that plan, any current reports about his match are not accurate.

There are a few stories going around about Logan Paul and WrestleMania. A popular idea is circulating that Maverick will square off against John Cena. It looks like it’s not happening, but that doesn’t mean Logan Paul isn’t getting another WrestleMania moment.

Logan Paul has made headlines in the wrong way in recent memory, as he was embroiled in a scandal. Cryptozoo NFT “Game” The mint has never worked since the day, but Paul’s team continued to lure investors with false hope while being led by shady characters. Logan Paul promised to make things right, But there are some doubts. After all, he needs to revive an NFT community where only real diamond-holders are going to be very skeptical, or they’re just waiting for the project to do something, so they can get some kind of exit liquidity.

As far as WWE is concerned, it looks like Triple H is still game to book Logan Paul, as he still has millions of loyal fans who will tune in to watch his next match. Here’s hoping WWE crown jewel Logan Paul’s injury heals in time.

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