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19.6 overs (0 runs)
no run

19.5 overs (1 run)
Flighted delivery, on full off, Darryl Mitchell steps forward and knocks it to long off for a single.

19.4 overs (1 run)
Short and on middle, Devon Conway is on the back foot and clips it to deep mid-wicket for a single.

Conway has a hit on his helmet grill and the physio is now off the field to examine the southpaw! He looks good though and is ready to resume.

19.3 overs (0 runs)
Short and quick on the stumps, Devon Conway tries to replicate the last shot but ends up getting a top edge. The ball hits his neck and he looks a bit uncomfortable here.

19.2 overs (4 runs)
Four! Short and on leg, Devon Conway gets into position early and goes for the reverse sweep again. Shardul hits it wide of Thakur at backward point for a boundary.

19.1 overs (0 runs)
Short and middle on, Devon Conway pushes it straight to mid-wicket.

18.6 overs (0 runs)
Short on the stumps, Daryl Mitchell pushes it straight to mid-wicket.

18.5 overs (0 runs)
Kuldeep Yadav sees the batsman’s progress and bowls it slowly and short outside off, Daryl Mitchell looks to go down the ground but eventually gets the inside edge of his pads back.

18.4 overs (0 runs)
Flighted, full on middle, Darryl Mitchell blocks it off the front foot.

18.3 overs (1 run)
Short and middle, Devon Conway goes back and clips it off the back foot to deep square leg for a single.

18.2 overs (0 runs)
A loud shot but put down! Kuldeep Yadav fires it on full leg, Devon Conway goes to sweep again but misses. The ball hits his front foot but goes down the leg side.

18.1 overs (4 runs)
Four! Kuldeep Yadav serves it full and on middle and leg, Devon Conway gets down on one knee and sweeps this one past short fine leg for a boundary.
IND vs NZ: 3rd ODI: Devon Conway hits Kuldeep Yadav for 4!  NZ 129/2 (18.1 Ov).  Target: 386;  RRR: 8.07

17.6 overs (2 runs)
Short and on leg, Daryl Mitchell pushes it towards mid-wicket, gets past Rohit Sharma and collects a few more runs.

17.5 overs (0 runs)
Full and quick off, Darryl Mitchell flicks it back to the bowler.

17.4 overs (0 runs)
Toss up, slower and full on off, Darryl Mitchell leans forward and blocks it on the off side.

17.3 overs (2 runs)
Short and on pads, Darryl Mitchell works it off the back foot to deep backward square leg for a brace.

17.2 overs (1 run)
Farewell! Short and quick on the legs, Devon Conway goes in to reverse sweep but misses. Ishan Kishan fails to collect cleanly and concedes a single.

17.1 overs (1 run)
Short and turning outside off, Darryl Mitchell punches it to long on from the crease.

Drink break. New Zealand is off to a great start in pursuit of this goal. They lost Finn Allen in the first over but Conway and Henry Nicholls made sure they didn’t go under their shells and stitched a fine pair. However, Kuldeep Yadav made a crucial breakthrough with the wicket of Nicholls just a few overs back and it meant India were still in a better position than the Kiwis to seal the game. Conway looks good though and if Mitchell can back him up here they could take this chase deep.

16.6 overs (1 run)
Fuller and quicker on middle and leg, Daryl Mitchell leans forward to defend but goes towards backward square leg for a single.

16.5 overs (1 run)
Floated, middle on middle, Devon Conway steps forward and flicks it to long on for a run.

16.4 overs (1 run)
Short and off, Darryl Mitchell punches it on the back foot to long on for a single.

16.3 overs (0 runs)
Toss up, full on leg, Darryl Mitchell defends it on the front foot.

16.2 overs (1 run)
Tad Fuller and middle, Devon Conway works to mid-wicket and takes a single.

16.1 overs (2 runs)
Short and middle, Devon Conway goes back and works in front of deep mid-wicket for a couple of runs.

15.6 overs (1 run)
Farewell! Miss Stomping! Yuzvendra Chahal floats it, full and on the stumps, Devon Conway steps out to go down the ground but is beaten by the turn. Ishan Kishan also misses behind the wicket and Conway gets a reprieve. As the ball rolled from the keeper’s gloves to square leg, the batters departed.

15.5 overs (0 runs)
Fuller on the legs and quick, Devon Conway reverse sweeps but fails to get past backward point.

15.4 overs (1 run)
Full and on the stumps, Darryl Mitchell uses his legs and pushes it down to long on for a single.

15.3 overs (0 runs)
Full on middle and leg, Darryl Mitchell tucks it to the bowler.

15.2 overs (4 runs)
Four! Daryl Mitchell is up and running! Floated, closed all around, Darryl Mitchell brings out the opposite paddle and hits it to perfection. It goes past short third man and is slashed for a boundary.
IND vs NZ: 3rd ODI: Daryl Mitchell hits Yuzvendra Chahal for 4 runs!  NZ 111/2 (15.2 Ov).  Target: 386;  RRR: 7.93

15.1 overs (0 runs)
Yuzvendra Chahal opens with a flighted delivery, closed around off, Darryl Mitchell pushes it to cover.

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