Kylie Rae Discusses the Ins and Outs of Recent WWE Tryouts – Wrestling Inc.

Despite the positive conversation with Sapolski, Rye was nervous that the tryout wouldn’t happen because he was contacted days before it began. “I was supposed to leave on Sunday and I don’t think I got confirmation until Wednesday or Thursday just before.” Rai, however, braced herself for the day the call came. “Of course, everyone at freelance school had to suffer because — but I didn’t tell them. We suddenly started doing all this conditioning and training, and they hated it,” he said with a laugh.

His trip to the WWE Performance Center ran from Monday to Thursday, but compared to his previous tryouts with WWE that didn’t quite pan out, this tryout was a lot different. “This was a lot different. It was maybe ten or twelve of us, all independent wrestlers. So, while we were previously doing conditioning, squats, and running the ropes, and just lack of a good term where they tried to break us down. This time, we actually wrestled. I was able to focus.” It was an overall positive experience for Rai, who recalled Tears of joy on three separate occasions When he trained in front of his idol, Shawn Michaels.

unfortunately, Rae confirmed that he had not been offered a contract Following this new tryout with WWE, he will remain Into the mix as an extra.

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