Kurt Angle reveals the worst shock he’s ever taken

WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle revealed the worst bump of his career.

The Olympic gold medalist has competed in some tough matches during her career, so there are a variety of obstacles to choose from. But recently Dr. Angle Took it to Twitter and revealed similarities with a 2002 why RAW honors.

During the match, Kane hit a double chokeslam on Angle and referee Charles Robinson, resulting in the referee landing on Angle. Check it out here:

“My match against the big red machine… Ken. This is the worst injury of my career. Referee Charles Robinson went down on me. I thought I was going crazy. Ha ha ha ha.”

Angle is definitely around the block in the professional wrestling industry. Beginning in the business in 1998, Angle signed with WWE and quickly established himself as one of the company’s top stars.

He remained with WWE until 2006, winning five world titles, one tag team title, one King of the Ring tournament win and more. Angle was eventually inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2017.


Angle even spent a decade in IMPACT Wrestling; where he won six world titles, and the X-Division title, and was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame in 2013. Now, the angle Retired from in-ring competitionand spends time hosting his podcast, “The Kurt Angle Show.”

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