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Dominic Mysterio added a new dimension to his persona Since the arrest (in the storyline) after showing up uninvited at his grandparents’ house during the Christmas season. Many fans and even wrestlers like Ronda Rousey have praised Dominique’s recent character and work on the mic, as she begins to come into her own after debuting in 2020. Dominic’s godfather Connan is also a fan of “Prison Hard Dome”. In an exclusive interview with Dr Wrestling Inc. Senior News Editor Nick Hausman, Conan praised Godson’s recent work on the Hill.

“Prison Hard Dome,” Conan said. “Yeah, he was in jail. He was in jail all day. Or a holding cell. Don’t mess with him.” in the story, Dominic spent about a day in jail. However, towards the end of his time in the cell, he received a prison tattoo of a teardrop. Konan also said Dominique is “killing it” in her role on “WWE Raw.”

Conan continued: “I love what they’re doing with him. You know, he was getting kind of stale. [his father] Ray [Mysterio] And they really like that. They opened the show on Raw with them and Bloodline, which was really good. And whatever they gave her to do, I think she accomplished it, so I’m really happy for her.”

Dominique and fellow Judgment Day member Damien Priest are the No. 1 contenders “Raw” Tag Team Championship. If Dominic and the Priest Belt win, it will be Dominic’s second gold in his young career. He and his father held the “WWE SmackDown” Tag Team Titles in 2021.

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