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Former United States Champion R-True January 19 marks 51 years around the Sun. Satya has been in the world of professional wrestling for over two decades and looks no older than when he first entered the business. His move-set hasn’t changed much over the years, ie- Before his recent injury on “NXT.” — He was split between rings and other athletic moves such as lie detectors and scissor kicks. Others in WWE have been surprised by Truth’s lack of aging over the years, including former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston, who is unsure of Truth’s true age.

“They actually based the True Blood series on his life, you know what I’m saying? I think he’s like a co-executive producer because he’s giving them the real story of what happened in the 1800s and 1700s,” Kingston said in attendance. . on”cheap heat” “He tore his quad a while ago but other than that, like, injury-wise, he’s not really hurt… there’s something going on, something supernatural that he’s not really there, you ask him about it and he just kind of laughs. .

Kingston continued to question the former 24/7 champion’s age. “He’s been in this world for so long,” Kingston said. “If you were 175 years old, think of all the stories you’d have. That’s probably being generous, he might be older than that.”

During Truth’s career, he has had championship success both in and out of WWE, with him officially holding the record for most championship wins in WWE history due to his multiple reigns. 24/7 Championship. Outside of WWE, Truth is a former world champion as he holds NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship twice.

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