Kip Sabian talks to a fan in the middle of a match

AEW star Kip Sabian recently participated in a virtual signing with Captain’s Corner, where he discussed things like approaching an elderly couple during an indie show and messing with them when they got too aggressive.

Kip Sabian says:

“So I’m doing the show and there’s this old dude and his missus in the front row and they’re popping off. They’re getting very aggressive so I’m like, you know, what am I going to do? I’m messing with these guys. So I started messing with him and I started messaging his wife. I don’t remember what I said, but I said something like… A real man looks like this guy’s face.”

Kip Sabian also discussed how he was head-butted by a male fan, but he didn’t sell it and just laughed in his face.

Kip Sabian says:

“So he gets right in my face and I’m looking down at him and he literally leans over the guardrail and hits me full-on in the nose, mid-match… (He was) 70, 60, 70 (age) ) but at this point. , I’m like, what can I do? Because bowing on the nose just sucks so I didn’t sell it completely and just laughed in his face but then went back to the ring and cried to myself a little bit because it hurt so much or when I got backstage… I think I let him stay (signaling for safety). instead in the crowd)… I guess I was doing my job right.”

You can see Kip Sabian’s comments here link. H/T to Post wrestling To paraphrase the above quotations.

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