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Tapping into real-life relationships is something that has become common in the world of pro wrestling in recent times, and seeing couples sparring against each other is something that fans will always connect with.

Edge and Beth Phoenix are competing against The Miz and Maryse An example of this, and Kip Sabian believes one of these storylines could be coming to AEW in the future with him and Penelope Ford. Sammy Guevara and Tay Melo.

In a recent conversation with Dr “Captain’s Corner,” Sabian says he would be interested in such a story. “Sure, why don’t we?” One reason he believes it could work in the future is simply because of the current characters Jericho Appreciation Society Members are playing now.

“Let’s be brutally honest, they’re basically doing the characters that we did before my injury” Sabian said. It’s a sentiment that Ford agreed with as he claimed it was a “carbon copy” of what they used to do. The pair focused on their relationship and peaked with their romance early in their run. , even their “AEW Dynamite ” includes a wedding section.

“Sure, there’s room for that. But it depends if they want heat, if they want smoke, you know what I mean,” Sabian questioned.

He and Guevara have a history together as they competed against each other in the first match in AEW history and made an interesting point. “Technically, Sammy never beat me, but I beat him… Nobody’s going to take that away from me, I’m going to die on that hill.”

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