Kevin Nash tells police he’s fine after suicidal thoughts on his podcast

Kevin Nash’s son Tristan Tragically passed away When in October Alcohol withdrawal A seizure that leads to cardiac arrest.

In this week’s episode Click this: Kevin Nash PodcastMany people became concerned that Nash was considering suicide when he had the following exchange with co-host Sean Oliver about how he was doing:

Nash: “Today is the 12th week, I lost my son. Yes, 12 weeks. Time flies when you’ve got a gun to your face, I mean time flies when you’re having fun.”

Oliver: “Don’t play like that. You have a gun, so you can’t say that.”

Nash: “I can do whatever I want, as long as I leave a note.”

Following this comment, TMZ reported that local law enforcement contacted Nash to check on him. Nash assured them that he had no plans to hurt himself and that he was fine.

Shortly after that TMZ story broke, Nash issued the following statement on Twitter, explaining that he was just being sarcastic on his podcast:

If you or someone you know is thinking about harming themselves, help can be found here

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