Ken Shamrock was called a sellout for leaving the UFC for the WWE

Ken Shamrock is one of the first names that comes up Remember who transitioned from the world of MMA to the world of professional wrestling. He saw a decent level of success in pro wrestling. This is especially true for his time in WWE and it seems he was called a sellout for leaving the UFC to join WWE.

The World’s Most Dangerous Man returned to WWE in 1997 and stayed with the company for the next two years. He saw a decent amount of success during that time as well, transferring his success out of the Octagon.

Ken Shamrock had a solid track record in the UFC before he returned to WWE. That being said, Shamrock still doesn’t regret leaving the UFC and signing with WWE

Speaking with Giancarlo Aulino, Ken Shamrock discussed a variety of topics including the backlash he received for leaving the UFC for the WWE. He recalled how he was called a sellout for his move.

After all that I’ve done and given them a career, some of the fans not only turned to me but some of the boys in the Lions Den – obviously they didn’t earn it – but some of them turned to me and didn’t understand why I was doing this. Because they were a part of the lion’s den the heat was feeling that I was going into something that was ‘fake’ and not real and I was sold. So I had to eat. I had to listen to all that. And you know, I think a lot of these people who are crossing over and doing this now, they should be grateful that they’re not the first ones to have to do this because it wasn’t a pretty sight for me.

Half of the people who followed me turned to me. And of course, being in that world of being this celebrity in a fight and people rooting for you, it’s not fun. You hear a lot of things where you can’t do anything about it. But you know, success cures everything. We were able to turn wrestling into something that people could be proud to watch. It became this attitude era and people started thinking it was cool and pretty soon it blew up. And thank God because it could have turned out a lot differently and I could have done squash…I thought I was very successful in wrestling even though I could have done so much more. Unfortunately that didn’t happen, but I felt like I represented wrestling well and I represented the MMA world well.

why shamrock Also will only return to WWE if it makes sense to him. He also had trust issues Before leaving WWE. We’ll have to wait and see if E returns to WWE one day.

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