John Morrison believes there are businessmen and artists in wrestling

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John Morrison The professional wrestling world has seen it all and he believes there are two different types of performers.

Former WWE Superstar John Morrison was the guest Power up with Tony Horton To discuss various issues. During the discussion, Morrison stated that he believes there are two different types of performers in professional wrestling: businessmen and entertainers.

“I think there are two types of people in wrestling. There are traders and artists, and traders really want to make the most money,” says John Morrison. “Like, what does the office want from me? What will keep me in a good position politically? It’s a lot of mentality versus, what’s the nicest sequence I can do? Or what will pop the crowd? Or I’m going to be in New York; Will it be cool in New York? I think it’s like a big difference, and sometimes it matches and sometimes it doesn’t.”

At the time of recording this interview, Morrison was currently dealing with some injuries that kept him out of the ring. When asked if he would be able to get in the ring at that point, Morrison admitted that it would be too foolish to do so and felt he would make a full recovery if he continued to get better.

“That would be really stupid,” admitted John Morrison. “I feel like I’m getting better. And if I keep getting better. I think I will make a full recovery. And if I completely tear one of those ligaments…”

WrestleZone has learned that the episode in question was filmed in late August. Morrison was sidelined from in-ring action from July 11 to September 3.

Morrison most recently competed on January 7 Major League Wrestling Television taping. You can check spoilers from that show by clicking here.

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