John Cena reportedly felt threatened by wrestlers who looked like him

John Cena is famous and accomplished Professional wrestler who has made a lasting impact on the industry. Considered one of the most iconic figures in pro wrestling history, Cena’s exceptional in-ring abilities, magnetic personality and ability to connect with audiences have propelled him to household name status not only in the wrestling community, but also in the mainstream media. He had humble beginnings in pro wrestling and it seems that Cena may feel threatened by wrestlers who look like him.

In 2000, John Cena signed a contract with WWE and at the time made his way to the company’s developmental promotion, OVW. He would then make his main roster debut in 2002 facing Kurt Angle.

Cena didn’t have a great start in WWE, as he was mainly seen as a bland babyface. In fact, Cena was close to the chopping block before the Doctor of Thuganomics debuted the gimmick that saved his career.

While talking about a recent episode At Cafe de Ren, a fan asked Renee Dupree if Cena felt threatened by superstars who looked like him, such as Chris Masters. Dupree claimed that Cena felt threatened by those who looked like him.

“Very much so. Very much so. Yes. Muscular body and tall and handsome American, yes. 100%.”

WWE already has Discusses John Cena vs. Logan Paul for WrestleMania 39. That being said, Cena will see WWE’s original plan Instead, Austin faced the theory in the Show of ShowsSo a match with Logan Paul now seems unlikely.

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