Jim Ross says the infamous 2002 WWE storyline was bound to fail

AEW announcer and senior advisor “Good Ole’ JR” Jim Ross recently took to his “Grilling Junior” podcast to talk about topics such as the 2002 WWE SmackDown storyline between Don Marie and Torrie Wilson’s father, Al Wilson, which saw the couple on WWE SmackDown One episode involves them marrying in their underwear a few weeks before their engagement, and resulting in Al Wilson “dying” because he couldn’t keep up with Dawn Marie, bound to fail.

Jim Ross says:

“It was the entertainment side of sports entertainment. Sometimes they are horrible, this was not a great idea. You know everybody in it was good people, they tried hard, they were just playing their part, playing their part, know your part. If you smell what JR is cooking, someone else has already done it. So I don’t know, it didn’t have a great chance of being successful. So did they get the most out of it? They could, I think they did. But it was right, it was bound to fail, it wasn’t going to happen.”

You can check out Jim Ross’s comments on it link. H/T to inside the rope To paraphrase the above quotations.

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