Jessica Troy highlights Kellyanne’s influence in Australia

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Jessica Troy The seasoned veteran Kellyanne had big shoes to fill when she announced her retirement from pro wrestling in November 2021.

In the wake of her retirement, Kellyanne also relinquished the Melbourne City Wrestling Women’s Championship. With the title next off, MCW held a Ballroom Blitz match together the following month. Joining forces with Pro Wrestling Australia (PWA), the two companies hosted MCW x PWA Black Label: Worlds Collide. There, Australia’s top eight stars battle it out for the honor of being the new champions.

Jessica Troy would outlast her formidable competitors to win the MCW Women’s Championship, but Kellyanne’s absence was glaring. “Everybody in Australia should be lucky that we’ve got Kellyanne here considering how long she’s been wrestling,” Troy said. Wrestlezone. “He was an intense and dominant wrestler. He would really lay it down and leave it in the ring, especially when we had matches because we would wrestle — I think we wrestled almost all over Australia — everybody wanted to have that match. [with her] In almost every state. Every time I got out of the match [with Kellyanne], I think I learned something or we really beat each other up and had a good show. So, I think everyone should be grateful that he was here and almost take from his intensity.

“The Arm Collector” added that Kellyanne’s hard-hitting mentality has encouraged her to step up her own game. “He’s so intense and hard-hitting in the ring that to have a good match with him, you have to think to yourself, ‘I’ve got to keep it up. I have to make sure I’m as strong as he is, as intense as he looks’. So, the wrestling that he’s wrestled, he’ll bring that out of everyone, I believe.”

Despite winning the MCW Women’s Championship, Troy admitted there was some pressure. “Taking over from Kellyanne’s title reign, she was my vet. Then [to] The guys I wrestled with, I was their vet. So, I was taking on almost exactly that role. I’m not really used to that position, but I thought I did a good job. I was happy to explore not so much the underdog anymore, but actually the guy who’s in control and who looks like, ‘Oh, he’s going to win because he’s got the armbar. He has experience.’ It was a nice new role for me and I hope the other guys I wrestled took something away from it as well.”

Jessica Troy held the title for nearly a year – finally being disqualified by DELTA in a 30-minute Iron Woman match on November 26.

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