Jed Cargill says Billy Gunn is his backstage agent in AEW

Billy Gunn has had a tremendous impact as a coach in AEW. The decorated veteran not only rides with The Acclaimed, but also assists the talent backstage in their matches.

In a recent interview, Dr Bootleg Cave, reigning AEW TBS Champion Jade Cargill revealed that WWE Hall of Famer Billy Gunn was his agent for his last ten televised matches in AEW. he said

“He’s my agent at the moment, so all the matches you’ve seen, probably my last ten matches, he’s my agent. [He’s] A great guy, like he understands what I need and realizes that I don’t need to do too much. And that’s what I admire from him because he’s a big guy, and before that, I worked with great coaches, but I realized — hey, he’s won, he’s sold tickets … he understands what it’s like to put an ass in the seat, and he’s more Understands what you need to do to do nothing. He’s a very minimalist guy when you see him out there.”

Cargill teamed with Leila Gray to defeat Jaida Vanity and Jordyn Vanity at the January 18 AEW Rampage tapings.

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