Jake Roberts: Ahmed Johnson was hitting guys every single night

Ahmed Johnson was a force to be reckoned with throughout his WWF career, but the powerhouse made few friends in the locker room.

Johnson debuted in the WWF in 1995 and captured the Intercontinental Championship at the following year’s King of the Ring event.

The win made Johnson the first African-American Intercontinental Champion, paving the way for future stars with modern-day talent. Kofi KingstonShelton Benjamin, and Big E.

the kiss

Prior to his IC title win, Ahmed feuded with Goldust, who played mind games with Powerhouse.

On the May 27, 1996 Raw, Beezer One performed a face-to-face resuscitation on Johnson, who was held backstage.

This act of CPR fed into the homophobia that was more prevalent at the time, which Jake Roberts Last addressed The Snake Pit Podcast.

“I was there when they had him [Goldust] kiss ahmed Oh, boy, I wouldn’t want to be in her way. He has lost his power!”

Jake Roberts.

Injuring talent

As a former football star, Johnson was used to letting his intensity do the talking and earned a reputation among some for being dangerous in the ring.

In his podcast, Roberts offered that advice Vince McMahonWell aware of how Ahmed would react to the kiss, it was booked on purpose to try to get Johnson to leave the promotion.

“Vince did it on purpose. Vince needed a black superstar, and Ahmed was going to be it, but then Ahmed got to the point where he wouldn’t show up. He tormented people every night. She just becomes restless, unable to deal with him. Very demanding. They finally had to release him.”

Jake Roberts

After leaving the WWF in 1998, Ahmed joined WCW in 1999 as ‘Big T’ and formed ‘Harlem Heat 2000’ with Stevie Ray.

In a feud that would fill the arena on Sesame Street, Big T clashed Booker T By using the letter ‘T’, in a dispute Big T will win, leaving the future WWE The Hall of Famer should just go by ‘Booker.’

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