It’s Not the Same: Thunder Rosa Announces AEW Return, But Not in the Ring –

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Kind of good. Injuries are a terrible thing in wrestling because you never want a wrestler to be on the shelf for any length of time. You never know how long someone might be out of action because there are some injuries that take longer to heal. Unfortunately this is the case for a prominent AEW star, but now we have a bit of an update on his return. It may not just be waiting to see kind people.

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Former AEW Women’s Champion Thunder Rosa Busted appeared on Open Radio and revealed that he will be back on the road with AEW soon, though not back in the ring. Rosa said she would show her face and stick around. There is no word on when he will return to the ring after recovering from a back injury. Rosa has not wrestled a match since August 10, 2022.

Rosa is an amazing star. Check out what he can do in the ring:

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