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That would not have worked. The wrestling world was rocked this week by the tragic death of Jay Briscoe at the age of 38 in a car accident. The news broke on Tuesday, and since then, wrestlers and wrestling fans have posted all kinds of tributes and memories online. Thankfully something like this doesn’t happen often, but it turns out it made a big difference to a wrestling show as well.

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According to Sean Ross Sapp of, Briscoe’s death was caused in part by a plan This week’s NXT To change. The original plan called for Pretty Deadly to hold a funeral for New Day, but news of Briscoe’s death led to New Day and WWE executive Shawn Michaels nixing the idea. Additionally, Michaels urged commentator Vic Joseph to mention Briscoe during the broadcast.

There was a planned NXT segment tonight where the New Day would hold a “funeral” for Pretty Deadly’s title shot. When news of Jay Briscoe’s death came up, The New Day and Shawn Michaels interrupted the segment and Michaels added Briscoe’s Vic Joseph tribute to the show.

That was for the better. Check out the two teams doing something a little more conventional:

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