Impact Wrestling Results – January 19, 2023 –

Impact Wrestling
Date: January 19, 2023
Location: Center Stage, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Tom Hanifan, Matthew Rehwalt

We’re done with Hard to Kill and that means it’s time to go through the Fallout period. The big story coming out of the show is Mickie James finishing her last rodeo and defeating Jordyn Grace to become the new Knockouts Champion. Other than that, Josh Alexander is still the world champion, defeating Bully Ray at Full Metal Mayhem. Let’s get to it.

In memory of Jay Briscoe, with Tom Hanniphan giving a brief voiceover about the thoughts and prayers that are with the Briscoe family.

Long hard to kill recap.

Here’s Mickey James to kick things off. The last rodeo may be over but hardcore country lives on forever…and Bully Ray interrupts. Ray tells him to get out but James tells him to get out. Verdict: “You weren’t in the main event of Hard to Kill.” Fan: “Yes he was!” Ray insists that he was the main event, not him and Josh Alexander. The reality is that nobody cared about this place until he got here four months ago. James said the only title he saw was Bully Ray Tapped Out!

This doesn’t sit well with Ray, but Mickey continues on about how Bully is a bully who gets to the top of politics. He knows how he feels about women in wrestling, so get rid of him if he wants to. Cue Tasha Stills and Savannah Evans, the former of whom wants to go over Ray James’ head. Stills says Mickie started the Last Rodeo because she can’t beat Tasha Stills, which gets her pushed by James.

The challenge is thrown (Ray Egging turns on the steals) but Evans decks James. Ray grabs the table, which Jordyn draws to save Grace and Frankie Kazarian. Cue Santino Marella to make a match, but he has to do the math to figure out the right one. Cue…..Ernest the Cat Miller of all people to say that since he was the Commissioner of WCW, he could offer some advice. A six-person tag is created.

Mickie James/Jordyn Grace/Frankie Kazarian vs. Bully Ray/Tasha Stills/Savannah Evans

Stillz moves away with grace to start before going to Evans, who is sent to the corner. Grace wants Ray, but the distraction allows Evans to jump her from behind. It doesn’t last long so it’s off to James for a nice response. Evans drops James as well but a hurricanrana from the corner is good for a breather. Rey takes James off the apron though and we take a break.

Back in, Ray slams James and lays him on the mat to add to the trash talk. Steelz comes back and we hit the chinlock but Mickie comes back again. Another kick sends James back to the corner and the beating continues. A quick roll out of the corner leads James to Grace, meaning the house can be cleared. Ray goes after Grace, who is carried by the fireman without too much trouble. Kazarian comes in and hammers Rey but James gets the tag, setting up the top rope Thesz Press to finish the Steelz at 13:57.

result: Mickey James/Jordyn Grace/Frankie Kazarian b. Bully Ray/Tasha Stilz/Savannah Evans – Top Rope Press to Stilz (13:57)

Here’s Masha Slamovic to give James a death warrant after the match.

Santino Marella talks to Ernest Miller in the back and talks about a six-way match with all the former world champions (Moose, Eddie Edwards, Sami Callihan, Rich Swann, Rhyno, Chris Sabin) surrendering to Josh Alexander to crown the new #1 contender. Marella goes for Dirty Dango but Steve McLean intercepts. He wants to know why Rich Swann, who defeated McLean at Hard to Kill, is in a #1 contender’s match. The result: Dango vs McLean tonight.

Ashley D’Amboise vs. Deonna Purazzo

Purrazzo hammers him down to start and sets up the surfboard to work on the arm. A suplex gives Purazzo two and a backbreaker gives Purazzou two, as he pulls D’Ambois up. That’s enough for D’Amboise to get a knee and a running flip neckbreaker. Purrazzo isn’t having it and hits a powerbomb on Queen’s Gambit for the pin at 4:21.

result: Deona Purazzo b. Ashley D’Amboise – Queen’s Gambit (4:21)

A nervous Gia Miller visits PCO in the bowels of the building. When asked what would happen next, the PC also screamed a lot and shook the walls of the cage.

Trey Miguel visits Ashley D’Amboise and admires her skills, but she needs to hit the gym a bit more. D’Amboise: “Thank you.” Miguel: “Was that disrespect?” They argue until 73-year-old Mike Jackson arrives to issue a challenge for a title match the following week.

Taylor Wilde vs. Killer Kelly

They stare at each other menacingly until Wilde pulls him into an armdrag. Back up and they trade shots up against the ropes getting the better of Wild Things. A suplex sets up a guillotine choke to Kelly but she comes back with forearms to the face. Wilde shrugs it off and hits a codebreaker but is sent to the apron. Kelly charges and lands a jumping pedigree kind of for a crash. It just laughs at Kelly and fires off some headbutts. A quick wild ride gives Wild two as they trade rollups, Kelly drags him into the killer clutch for the tap at 7:15.

result: Killer Kelly b. Taylor Wylde – Killer Clutch (7:15)

At Before the Impact, Dean forced Sami Callihan to take out an injured Delirious.

Diener said Callihan had to go through a seven-step process, and he went through two in a row. The following week, he was in the Golden Six Shooter #1 Contenders Match. Step Three: Win the title and bring it to design.

Josh Alexander tells Santino Marella that he’s fine with a #1 contender’s match. Giselle Shaw and Jai Vidal come in, Shaw says she deserves a Knockouts tag team title shot but needs a partner. Various women walk by and reject him without a second thought but Vidal seems interested.

Dirty Dango vs. Steve McLean

McLean starts fast and pushes Dango around the ring, only for Dango to fight back and cut him off. That doesn’t last long either as McLean sends him into the ropes for a running crotch attack to the back of the head. A backbreaker on Dango gets two and we hit the chinlock with a back knee. Dango fights back and fires off more chops, setting up the Dirtbag Shuffle (dancing legdrop). Loaded top rope legdrop but McLean bails on the ramp. That’s fine with Dango, who hits a dive to take him out. McLean is good enough to backdrop him in the ring though and spear him in the corner, finishing Dango at KIA 5:41.

result: Steve McLean b. Dirty Dango – KIA (5:41)

Major players gear up for Bullet Club next week. Moose comes up and says that the Majors’ problems started when they lost to Joe Hendry. After they beat the club, they soon come for Hendry.

Busted Open Radio host Dave LaGreca sits down with co-host Tommy Dreamer to talk about their issues with other co-hosts, Bully Ray. Both are upset with her but Dreamer won’t bring up their history together, including hooking Ray up with D-Von. Dreamer says he lost the match but not the battle, and he’s going to war with Ray.

Here’s what’s coming to the various shows.

Kenny King vs. Mike Bailey

Pit fights, meaning there are no ropes and you only win by knockout or submission. They both miss some kicks to start until King takes him down and they bounce to the mat. Back up and Bayley hits a throw, sending King to the floor for a breather. King comes back and kicks Bayley to the floor for a whip to the steps. Bailey is sent head first into the ramp lights as we take a break.

We come back with a dragon screw leg whip to Bayley with King shooting some knees to the chest. Bayley, bleeding a bit, kicks King to the floor for a break before hitting back inside. A cross armbreaker gets King in more trouble but he powerbombs his way to freedom. Bayley is good enough to grab another armbreaker, only for Dragon to be screwed to the floor again. King grabs a chair before avoiding a dive mail and a kick, sending Bayley’s leg into the post.

The figure four goes on but Bayley kicks out, setting up a running dropkick down the ramp to send King to the outside. Then, after kicking a post with bare feet, Bailey climbed to the top of the post and flipped a dive to King. Tom: “Total nonstop action here in this pit fight!” The Ultimate Weapon is blocked though and King takes him to the apron with a spinebuster. Fans go down on one knee as they find it awesome Bayley uses the chair from before to moonsault the knee to Knock King Stupid. A stomp on the chair by King’s head is good for the knockout at 16:41.

result: Mike Bailey b. Kenny King via knockout (16:41)

Mickey James/Jordyn Grace/Frankie Kazarian b. Bully Ray/Tasha Stiltz/Savannah Evans – Push Thesz Stiltz over the top rope
Deona Purazzo b. Ashley D’Amboise – Queen’s Gambit
Killer Kelly b. Deona Purazzo – Killer Clutch
Steve McLean b. Dirty Dango – KIA
Mike Bailey b. Kenny King by knockout

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