How Game Changer Wrestling Got International Praise From New Jersey Show – Wrestling Inc.

Bret Lauderdale previously worked for Combat Zone Wrestling and was friends with the legendary Nick Gage. Over the years, Gage became an integral part of Game Changer Wrestling, becoming increasingly synonymous with the brand. In fact, many GCW storylines and tournaments revolved around Gage. The Nick Gage Invitational Tournament was created under the GCW banner, achieving much success for the promotion. Gage’s choice of memory has to go with the dispute Matt Cardona, John Moxley, and many more. In addition, the most notorious representative of the MDK gang turned out to be a genius himself Exclusively signed to GCW. Lauderdale posted on Twitter“This is the first and possibly last contract GCW will ever offer. Nick has earned the right to end his career to focus on his terms and the future he deserves. I am proud that GCW can offer him this.”

The GCW roster continued to grow with talent such as Effy, Jordan Oliver, Allie Katch, Jimmy Lloyd, Tony Deppen, Mance Warner, Joey Janela and many others and appeared regularly at Game Changer Wrestling events. Annual events based on these talents began to take shape under the GCW banner, including Joey Janela’s Spring Break and Efe’s Big Gay Brunch. Along with the regulars, surprise GCW competitors have included Thunder Rosa, X-Pac, The Briscoe Brothers and more.

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