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back home We are in a different wrestling world because all kinds of changes are happening almost every day. This is something you don’t see happening very often and it’s been everywhere with one change after another. Several names have jumped between WWE and AEW, and now one of the more prominent stars has something to say about his unique place.

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William Regal appeared Fragments of Destruction Podcast and talked about returning to WWE after his stint in AEW. Regal returned to WWE earlier this month and is now a vice president in the company. He returned to work with his son Charlie Dempsey in NXT and became Triple H’s unofficial right-hand man. Here are some highlights, along with Transcription courtesy of Wrestlinginc.com:

Returning to WWE

“It was as if nothing had happened and nothing had changed in the slightest. It’s weird. Anyone listening that’s young– I know you don’t like listening to old people– but make the most of every second you have on this earth, because … you get to a certain age and you hear it from all the old people, Time goes so fast and we waste so much.”

About staying away from the limelight

“I’m not doing anything or wrestling or anything for at least a year and I’m happy with that. I am quite happy to stay in the background.”

And not being allowed to appear on WWE TV

“I am quite happy not to be in the limelight. And I have been for many years. I had time.”

Regal is a treasure. Check out what he can do when he’s on screen:

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