Hendricks Lapierre finding his way in first professional season

Washington Capitals Prospects ahead Hendrix Lapierre More than halfway through the first professional season of his career with the Hershey Bears. As one might expect, the season was one of learning the pro game as well as learning to deal with the ups and downs of a typical professional campaign.

Lapierre said he received several warnings before his first full season at the pro level and endured a roller coaster of emotions and events. As it turns out, those warnings were very accurate.

“I was warned it would be full of ups and downs,” Lapierre said Recent interview with Journal de Montreal. “You’re trying to grow there.

Fortunately for Lapierre, he has a solid group of teammates at Hershey.

“They tease me during certain sports choices,” Added a first-round pick to the Washington Capitals in 2020. “On the other hand, they give me little tricks to help me make better decisions. I am learning and I love it. “

Lapierre had a career in the QMJHL marked by several injuries, which greatly reduced his game totals each season. He now has 72 games to play in his first professional campaign, more than any previous season in his young hockey career.

Lapierre has been up to the task, so far. He says weeks of preparation are key to having a good weekend in the AHL.

“When you don’t have a good week of practice, you feel it during the weekend games. I try to stay consistent and make small details that allow me to stand out from the crowd.”

Since the start of the season, Lapierre has recorded 22 points with 10 goals in 39 games and currently ranks 11th on the Bears in points per game average (0.56). As noted, Lapierre has experienced the ups and downs of the professional game.

“When you’re recognized as an attacking player, it’s frustrating when it doesn’t fit. It’s always fun to participate in scores. “

Off the ice, Lapierre said he’s loving his experience in the small town of 15,000 residents.

“We had a full post in our first match. At others, we always have a crowd of 9,000 to 10,000 people. Several season customers drive 60 to 90 minutes to come to our games. It’s special,” Lapierre said. “It’s not a big city, but everyone knows each other. “

Of course, Hershey is synonymous with chocolate, something that Lapierre is also getting used to.

“When you go home to the hotel, they give you chocolate bars,” Lapierre said with a laugh. “It makes the city smell like chocolate and taste like eating it. After a while, you get used to it.”

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