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South African batter Dewald Brevis One of the biggest talents in world cricket right now. Brevis, who shot to fame with his performances at the U-19 World Cup last year, is often compared to the former South Africa captain. AB de Villiers. However, the 19-year-old is yet to represent the Proteas. now, Graeme SmithThe SA20 League Commissioner, who shared his views on Brevis and hinted that the youngster could be playing for South Africa very soon.

“Look, I mean, it’s great what you’re talking about. You know what, that’s what we want. We want to put young players on the stage who are challenging the established ones. You know, I was just watching. The selection is coming up for the ODI series, South. Why isn’t Africa picking young talent, you know, giving them a chance and sticking with, you know, the tried and tested. So that’s what we want. We want to create so many players and talking points that the selectors are pressured to pick it. There’s, you know, and I think Brevis is a very top talent, he plays the game with a lot of freedom. , over time, you’re going to be able to find ways to prove his consistency. But I mean, having a talent like him, Donovan. Ferrera, you know, things that have that ability, the ability to play spin, well, and the pace is huge. If you want to continue to develop more and more. So I hope that these guys all close the door and you have them in the next six months. Raw started to see a lot of people playing for the Proteas,” Smith told NDTV during a chat hosted by Star Sports.

Brevis, who is currently taking part in the inaugural season of the SA20 league, is part of Mumbai Indians’ squad for the upcoming season of IPL.

Last season, Braves scored 161 runs at an average of 23 in seven matches in the IPL.

To another question about the SA20 league boosting South Africa’s ‘dying’ cricket scene, Smith said he hoped the T20 league would capture the fever and boost the country’s cricket ecosystem.

“Yeah, I mean, we’re both in the league, I think everybody focuses on the commercial side, which is very important, I think, you know, you can’t pull something off at this level, unless you get really great partners. And, You know, financially you can, you can do it. And also, I mean, providing a commercially viable league in South African cricket was an objective. I think it’s well documented that the performance of the national team and just the general negativity and wrongness around the guy. Being in the headlines because, of course in South Africa, you know, politics at the admin level and kind of the predicament has had an effect on the fans.

“I think there was definitely a fatigue or a negativity towards cricket in South Africa, when we started the SA20 one of our objectives was to reinvigorate the fans to bring some energy back to the game. And I think we’ve certainly seen that. The first two weeks of the tournament. It’s It was unbelievable, you know, on Monday nights and school nights on Tuesday nights at amazing times when the kids wake up and go to school the next day, filling stadiums and selling them out was unheard of. It was unbelievable the support we got the energy we got from the people of South Africa. got for 20 years and hopefully that will start to rub off on a lot of the causes of the game which you know is the support of cricket playing for the Proteas. And you know the youngsters in our stadium, you know the dreams they will have now is to represent South Africa in the SA20m and playing cricket,” he added.

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