Gail Kim will come out of retirement for Mickie James – Diva Dart

Gail Kim Often reminds fans that he is retired but we all know that in wrestling sometimes you can never say no. There is one woman, if asked, Kim will step back into the ring and she is the new Knockout World Champion Mickey James.

During James’ last rodeo run, he consulted with Kim about coming out of retirement to be a part of it. Now that James is the champion, Kim may be warming to the idea.

“I love and respect Mickey James with the highest respect,” He said in an interview with Lucha Libera Online. “If he wanted me to come out of retirement to wrestle him, I would do it, because I respect him so much. I just need time to get ready physically. People are asking, ‘What does that mean?’ Listen, you never say never in wrestling. I don’t think I’d do what Mickie did, he started at the bottom and worked his way up, there’s a lot of matches for that. [laughs]. You should never say never to a dream scene. It can be anything, someone has to create the right scenario for it to be something. We are all wrestlers, we all love it, it’s always inside us somewhere. We put it to bed, but sometimes little things come up.” (fight)

Kim’s last match was against Tessa Blanchard At the 2019 Uprising event. He is the inaugural knockout champion and a record seven times. James won just his fifth.

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