Gail Kim on Mickie James: “If he wanted me to come out of retirement to wrestle him, I would”

Gail Kim is down to return to the ring.

As long as Mickie James is standing by her side.

The women’s wrestling legend recently responded to the “Hardcore Country” singer and reigning Impact Knockouts Champion’s comments about a possible return to the ring during an interview with Lucha Libre Online.

Below are some highlights.

Here’s how Mickey would do it if he really wanted him out of retirement for a match: “I love and respect Mickie James with the utmost respect. If he wants me to come out of retirement to wrestle him, I will, because I respect him so much. I just need time to get physically ready. People ask. , ‘that means?’ Listen, you never say never in wrestling.”

How he doesn’t think he’ll take the path Mickey took but respects him for doing it: “I don’t think I’ll do what Mickey did, he started at the bottom and worked his way up, that’s a lot of matches. [laughs]. You should never say never to a dream scene. It can be anything, someone has to create the right scenario for it to be something. We are all wrestlers, we all love it, it’s always inside us somewhere. We’ve put it to bed, but sometimes little things come up.”

Watch the full Gail Kim interview via the embedded YouTube player below. H/T to To paraphrase the above quotations.

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