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Gail Kim Impact Knockouts has been a tremendous resource for behind-the-scenes production of the division. In recent years, IMPACT has seen crossovers and collaborations with other promotions such as AEW, AAA and NWA to contribute to the “forbidden door” aspect of the wrestling industry. Even in 2022, IMPACT shockingly had a deal with WWE Mickey James The Knockouts entered the WWE Royal Rumble as World Champion.

Speaking to SEScoops, Gail Kim mentioned that she pitched for Knockouts to do an event with the women of Stardom.

“I kind of pitched, I wanted a Stardom/Knockouts pay-per-view. It’s my thing that I kind of throw in the bucket. So, it’s something that I obviously have to tighten up a little bit, because we get a little busy, and we’re always planning the next show, planning the next show. But I know fans want to see all the other women on pay-per-views. Last Knockout Knockdown was great. EmPowerrr was great that Mickey ran and now Mickey is part of our company. So I would like to see collaborations with some other companies again and Stardom was at the top of my list. I think it will generate great interest and maybe some cooperation from other companies and women. There are so many women out there right now and I think this is a great opportunity to give them All in one platform.”

kim recently Mickie also talked about a possible match with James. He said if there was one person he would come out of retirement for another match it would be James.

What would you think of a Knockouts/Stardom crossover event? Discuss below!

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