Gael Garcia Bernal on Portraying Lucha Libre as ‘Very Fun’ and Wrestling Childhood Idol – Wrestling Inc.

When a Biopic on the Von Erich family Still in production, another biopic about a legendary professional wrestler debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.

Gael was interviewed by García Bernal Last date About his upcoming film, Cassandro, starring Bernal Legendary Exotico. Bernal spoke to Deadline about how he and the producers wanted to portray lucha libre as a sport full of dedicated athletes. Bernal cited lucha legend El Santo and the way Santo brought wrestling to a “more mythic place”, where the athletes were “very strong” and “very dedicated”, as the basis for the film’s tone.

“It’s something we wanted, not to degrade the game it’s made for [fun of],” explained Bernal. “We wanted to do something very fun but also respect the professionalism of the wrestlers. Because Cassandro also had a lot of fame because he was a good wrestler, very strong, very tough.”

Bernal also explained that El Hijo del Santo will portray himself in the film. “It was amazing that he was going to do his stunts and he was going to play himself, and we don’t know his age, we don’t know his face, but he’s old,” Bernal said with a laugh. The experience holds deep meaning for the Y Tu Mamá También star.

“It was like a childhood dream,” Bernal said excitedly. “‘I’m wrestling El Hijo del Santo, I can’t believe it.’ Like when I was playing as a kid, when we were kids everyone picked El Santo or the Blue Demon as wrestlers.”

The film premiered in Park City, UT with Deadline on Friday praising Bernal’s work as the title star. There is no wider release date for the film as of now.

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