Full synopsis of “Nikki Bella Said I Do” series

Nikki Bella’s wedding to Artem Chigvintsev will air in a four-episode miniseries on E! Starting this week. A synopsis of four episodes has been released. Nikki Bella said I do It will premiere on Thursdays at 9pm Eastern and air weekly on the network.

Full synopsis for each episode is listed below:

Niki and Artem continue their love story and prepare for the next chapter in their lives and the one everyone has been waiting for … the moment Niki walks down the aisle and says “I do.” This pivotal moment is not without challenges as the bride and groom navigate parenthood with their son Matteo, plan a wedding, throw a joint bachelor and bachelorette party, find a wedding dress, and pick the perfect venue to hold onto Artem’s family’s hopes for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Russia will take place. With Nikki’s sister, Bree, by her side and so much at stake, will Nikki and Artem’s dream wedding come together without a hitch?

Below is a synopsis of each episode, per E!:

Episode 1: “Nikki and Artem try to plan a wedding in four weeks; Bree is appointed maid of honor and jumps in to plan the bridal shower; Niki finds it impossible to find a venue on such short notice; Artem hopes that Her Russian family will be able to travel for the wedding.

Episode 2: “With the wedding destination locked in and the wedding looming, the couple faces a long to-do list with just three weeks to go; Brie and Gleb head to LA to host a wild joint bachelor/bachelorette party as Nikki plans a sexy surprise for Artem.”

Episode 3: “Tensions run high as Nikki says goodbye to Artem and Matteo, who embarks on a somewhat risky trip to Turkey to reunite with his Russian parents. Nikki and Bri tackle a long wedding to-do checklist in Paris, including finding a venue.”

Episode 4: “After a roller-coaster week, Nikki, Artem and Matteo are finally reunited in Paris; Nikki and Artem must lay all their cards on the table before they walk down the aisle; The romance and spontaneity of Paris help rekindle a spark between the couple.”

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