Former WWE Champion praised Stephanie McMahon as a “really good person” after stepping down

twice WWE Grand Slam Champion Miz Stephanie praised McMahon after her departure from the promotion.

Stephanie parted ways with WWE earlier this month after being appointed co-CEO in July last year.

McMahon’s resignation was confirmed the same day by his father Vince McMahon WWE’s new executive chairman appointed.


In his decades with WWE, McMahon’s resignation this month shocked the wrestling world.

When TMZ caught up with The Miz, the A-Lister spoke about McMahon’s work in WWE and as an individual.

“For me, he’s always someone you can talk to. He has done a lot for the company, and he is a really good person


The A-lister also spoke about the role of WWE Superstars, which remains unchanged despite the chaos at the very top of the company.

Whoever’s on the mind at the time, we’re just trying to do our job as WWE Superstars to make people happy and give them something to remember.


Release coming?

Vince McMahon returns to WWE Fear led to some talent That mass cut will start again, especially with promotions looking for a buyer.

With releases from 2020 to 2022, many speculated that WWE was trying to appear more profitable to buyers when they were already boasting record profits.

There are Carrion crosses Disprove the concept Pratibha, who is concerned about their future, says that those she has spoken to are not.

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