Former Australia captain Michael Clarke has been slapped multiple times by his girlfriend for allegedly cheating on him.

Former Australian captain Michael Clarke After getting caught in a fight with his girlfriend, he got involved in a new controversy. Jade Yarbroughand TV presenter Carl Stefanovic.

In the received footage The Daily Telegraph, a shirtless Clark is seen groping in front of his girlfriend Yarbrough, who has accused him of cheating, slapping Clark in the face multiple times. A bystander filming the fight told the outlet he saw Clark and Stefanovic before things escalated.

The drama occurred while Clarke and Stefanovic were at dinner with Jade and her sister Jasmine, who is married to Stefanovic. The group were dining at a beach restaurant on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast when Yarbrough lost his cool and slapped Clark multiple times. Yarbrough shouted at the former Australian captain. “You booed him on December 17th … you beat him, you’re a king dog.”

After the slap, Clark is seen punching Yarbrough’s brother, Stefanovich. “Carlos, I can tell you now, you don’t leave. He can, he can punch me, but you, you can’t.”

Here is the video:

After the big drama, Clark issued his apology and accepted full responsibility for his actions. Aussie says he deeply regrets what happened.

“I deeply regret these difficult circumstances for those I hold in the highest esteem. My actions leading up to this controversy were nothing short of shameful and regrettable. I am devastated that because of my actions, I have dragged women of class and integrity and my partners into this situation.” Clark told the publication.

Clarke played 115 Tests, 245 ODIs and 34 T20Is for Australia, scoring 8643, 7981 and 488 runs respectively. He has scored 28 centuries in the longest format, including 4 double centuries and 27 fifties.

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