Finn Balor says the Judgment Day gimmick was the idea for the 2019 NXT run

Finn Balor

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character Finn Balor Now playing on WWE RAW is the character he imagined himself to be when he gave it back NXT In 2019.

judgment dayFinn recently sat down with Balor WWE on BT Sport To discuss various issues. When asked about the night he joined The Judgment Day, Balor talked about his conversation with Vince McMahon before the segment took place.

“It was a weird night because I remember it was 7:55 p.m., and we were going live at eight,” recalls Finn Balor. “I knocked on Vince McMahon’s office. I go over there, and I say, ‘Sir, do you have a minute?’ And he looks up from his papers, and he goes, ‘About tonight?’ I said, ‘Yes, almost tonight. It’s about the heel turn.’ He goes, ‘Ah, come in.’ So I just wanted some direction, like ‘Hey, am I going to go there in a suit that looks like Judgment Day? Or am I going out as Finn? Am I going beyond music? How are we doing it?’ And he said, ‘No, just go out as Finn and then do the segment.’ Okay, that’s cool. So there wasn’t really a lot of thought or planning into it, but it definitely made an impact.”

Balor went on to reveal that the version of him we see now on WWE RAW is what he originally envisioned for his return to NXT. However, the Black and Gold faithful are reluctant to accept him as a heel.

“And I think that’s the version of Finn that I wanted to do in NXT,” revealed Finn Balor “And we just couldn’t do it because the crowd was so attached to me from the previous run, and then the crowd completely went away from it. So there was no chance, even being a heel, to get like a heel reaction. So I went back to NXT, and three years later, I can do it properly.”

When asked what it was like working with the other members of The Judgment Day, Balor let everyone down and said that so many people have helped him in his career he felt it was only fair to pass it on to the rest of the group.

“It’s been great,” Finn Ballor said. “Priest is someone I wasn’t very familiar with, and then we wrestled in NXT. And kind of like forging a friendship between wars, you know? And Rhea has obviously got this element of cool that’s kind of indescribable. And then recently, Dominique has come into her own. I don’t know how you interpret it, but it’s almost like his father is over the reaction he’s already gotten. But so many people have helped me in my career that I think it’s only fair to pay those people back.”

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