Family friend provides update on Jay Briscoe’s daughters after tragic car accident

Posted by: Ben Jordan Kerin on Jan 20, 2023

Family friend provides update on Jay Briscoe's daughters after tragic car accident

A family friend provided an update on Jay Briscoe’s daughters after the tragic car accident that took Jay’s life earlier this week. Joy’s two daughters were in the car at the time of the accident.

Josh Wharton, a friend of the family, posted a live video on Facebook with an update:

“The girls are currently stable, but they both have a long road to recovery. Gracie, 12, when she originally moved to Nantico [hospital], he could feel nothing from the waist down. He was diagnosed with an L2 dislocation and an L3 and L4 fracture in his back with compression of his spine. After Nanticoke stabilized him, they transferred him to another hospital and he regained feeling in his thighs, but nothing less than his knees. He was taken straight away for an MRI and surgery around 3am on Wednesday. The doctor was able to relieve the spinal cord compression and the surgery went as expected. When you have a spinal cord injury, it’s a waiting game. With swelling and trauma, you have to wait. He still has feeling in his thighs, but no movement yet. Gracie was tingling on her feet today. His progress will be on a daily basis for the coming months. He is quite badly bruised, but at this time, no other injuries have been diagnosed.

“Jaley Nantico suffered an open tibia and fibula fracture, which he underwent surgery for. They placed an external fixator and sent him back to the hospital. He was diagnosed with a C7 fracture in his neck and placed in a neck brace, which he will remain in for six weeks. He also has an L3 and L4 fracture in his back, which can be managed with a back brace for about 12 weeks. He has a right clavicle fracture from the seatbelt as well as a broken rib on the right side. He has a small left pneumothorax, which is air between the lungs and the chest wall, not inside the lungs. They’re just observing that it’s not big enough to intervene at this point, which is a blessing. Today, she was diagnosed with a perforated bowel with free fluid in her abdomen, some internal bleeding in her abdominal area. They knew about it and they were watching it and today they were able to identify it and find out where it was. The surgery was great, he got there and got the bleeding under control and he was cured. She went to the OR for this today. They had a bowel movement, meaning they got some of it out, nothing of long-term effect. While he was there, the orthopedics decided to do another washout of his leg and do some manipulation on the bones for better alignment. He still has the external fixator and they put an NG tube under his nose to decompress his abdomen. They’ll take it tomorrow and let him eat it.”

WNS wishes both girls the best during this difficult time.

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