Ethan Page still has a group text with Dan Lambert and it’s very healthy

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He doesn’t feature on though All elite wrestling Programming and Ethan Page Keeps in touch with his former manager Dan Lambert.

“All Ego” Ethan Page was the latest guest Hey! (EW) with RJ City To discuss various interesting topics. When asked about Dan Lambert, Page reveals that he, Scorpio Sky, and Lambert still have a group text going on, though they don’t really talk about wrestling.

“Hell of a man,” said Ethan Page. “Me, Scorpio Skye and Dan Lambert still had a group text. It is very healthy. We don’t really talk about [AEW]”

Page then offered to send Lambert a selfie of himself and RJ City during the interview. Before hey! (EW) ends, with Lambert texting Page, revealing that he has no idea who RJ City is.

Later in the interview, RJ City brought up Ethan Page’s love for The Rock and asked him what his “Black Adam” was, to which RJ City said “You do things that everybody hates, and you pretend they don’t. ” Paige took the question and poked fun at her matches in response.

“[Laughs] I have every match,” Ethan Page joked. “Yes. Hey, you gave me two stars. Ratings have not gone down.”

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