Eric Bischoff questions if there’s tension between Stephanie and Vince McMahon – Wrestling Inc.

The McMahon family has made big waves in the wrestling world of late after Vince McMahon was announced by the WWE. “Come out of retirement” and Reinstated himself on the board of directors to explore a possible sale of the company. Not even a week later, Stephanie McMahon Resigned as Co-CEO of the company, many are questioning whether it has anything to do with Vince’s return. Eric Bischoff thinks this may actually be the case and has caused problems between the father-daughter duo.

“He resigned, I think there’s one of two things going on there, maybe more, that’s kind of obvious to me,” Bischoff said on his podcast. “83 Weeks.” “One is that there’s tension between Stephanie and Vince. Not only did Stephanie vote against bringing back Vince — her dad — but she quit as soon as he came back. That probably suggests that from the perspective of things, there’s heat between the two. Vince and Stephanie. I wonder what will happen to Paul. Is he next? We don’t know.”

Vince announced his departure from WWE in July following Allegations of sexual misconduct and subsequent hush money he made when There is uncertainty as to whether Vince will be able to return In his previous post as Head of Creative, Talent A recent meeting assured that this would not be a concern For the near future.

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